Hannah Fehlner-Peach

BS, Cornell University, 2010

As an undergrad, I studied the innate and adaptive response to gliadin in celiac disease.  In addition, I studied the role of dietary factors in oral tolerance.  In the Littman lab, I am interested in the influence of intestinal microbes on systemic immunity.


1. Devkota S, Wang Y, Musch M, Leone V, Fehlner-Peach H, Nadimpalli A, Antonopoulos D, Jabri B, Chang E. Dietary fat-induced taurocholic acid production promotes pathobiont and colitis in IL-10-/- mice. Nature, 487:104-108. 2012.

2. DePaolo RW, Abadie V, Tang F, Fehlner-Peach H, Hall JA, Wang W, Marietta EV, Kasarda DD, Waldmann TA, Murray JA, Semrad C, Kupfer S, Belkaid Y, Guandalini S, Jabri B. Co-adjuvant effects of retinoic acid and IL-15 induce inflammatory immunity to dietary antigens. Nature, 471:220-224. 2011.