Alice Kwon

BS, Cell Biology, UC Davis, 2014

As an undergrad at UC Davis, I studied molecular interactions between a membrane protein and cell membrane, crucial to asymmetric cell division in the one-cell embryo C. elegans.

After graduating, I joined a lab at Caltech as a research technician. I studied the interactions between host and commensal bacteria, especially the role autophagy plays in the host to help recognize the commensals that prevent and treat colitis.

In Littman lab, I am interested in studying the relationship between the immune system and nervous system in the context of different environmental cues.


1. Chu H, Khosravi A, Kusumawardhani I, Kwon A, Vasconcelos A, Cunha L, Mayer A, Shen Y, Wu W, Kambal A, Targan S, Xavier R, Ernst P, Green D, McGovern D, Virgin H, Mazmanian S. Gene-Microbiota Interactions Contribute to the Pathogenesis of Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Science, 352:1116-1120. 2016