Rabi Upadhyay, MD

2019 Damon Runyon Physician-Scientist

Training Award Recipient

Hematology-Oncology Fellow

MD, University of Massachusetts, 2014

My academic path started in mathematics and biomedical engineering.  My initial research work involved building fiber optic and intra-operative fluorescence imaging systems, to locate and quantify microscopic/occult tumors in mice, to achieve earlier diagnosis and treatment planning. Subsequently, I helped transition this basic science work into commercial biotechnology products, and there are now multiple clinical trials in patients that are validating its efficacy (Lumicell, Inc).

This initial fulfillment in benefiting patients eventually lead me to medical school, followed by an Internal Medicine residency at NYU. Ultimately, I came full circle in choosing a specific field, and I am now completing my Oncology clinical fellowship.  It is a privilege to currently care for patients with a wide variety of cancers, but I see my training eventually sub-specializing in lung cancer (thoracic oncology).

In the Littman Lab, I am interested in how gastrointestinal commensal microbiota contribute to the adaptive immune repertoire. The lab has already demonstrated tremendous modulation of gut-distal auto-immune pathology by this mechanism (via induction of Th17 and Treg cells). I am fascinated by the possibility to harness these same T cell responses to modulate gut-distal cancers and their therapy, including immune checkpoint blockade.

rabi photo2.png


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